Looking For school building Construction services In Jaipur, Rajasthan?

With our exceptional construction services, we have been redesigning the landscape of Jaipur for over 12 years. We specialize in the construction of residential and commercial spaces of size above 1,00,000 sq. Ft. if you have a dream of constructing and running your school, we can help you turn it into reality.  


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Quality is the foundation of our construction methodolgy

We are very well aware of the fact that construction quality of a school building is directly correlated to long-term infrastructural longevity, the academic performance of the students, their and teachers’ safety & security, and even the community perception in the nearby areas of the school building. Thus, we work with some of the most premier brands while constructing a school building. Your search for construction companies that build schools ends here.

Our past projects speak volumes about our construction quality & expertise

As a construction company in Jaipur, we have worked on a lot of projects, and one thing common among them all is a ‘Satisfied client’ during and at the end of the construction process. Have a look at our portfolio of work to understand why.

J Park
J Club
Arran Residency
Sports Complex
Commercial Complex
Nirvan University Hostel
Nirvan University Staff Quarter
Govardhan Heights

Our project management approach to deliver exactly what you expect

We don’t like to compromise and that’s exactly how we like our clients to be when it comes to their project quality and timely delivery. How do we ensure that? – by closely monitoring the entire process and regularly upgrading our project management methodology.

1. Rigorous Planning

We prefer to plan before we work. It ensures the optimal usage of construction resources without wasting any time during construction. Our team of experienced experts and dedicated professionals ensures that we maintain the highest levels of standards for your school building construction.

2. Regular Communication & Updates

At Dhinwa Construction & engineering, we believe that maintaining transparency and regularly communicating with stakeholders is the key to a successful project delivery. Hence, not only are all of the project team leaders kept well informed about the entire process but also, the clients are regularly updated about the status of their school building construction.

3. Delivering The Project

As soon as the construction work of the school building is finished, we begin the closure procedure, conduct project site inspections with the help of our experts as well as the clients, get their approval, and prepare all the documents for future reference. We deliver what we promised and the client gets what they expect. 


School Building Contractor With an exceptional team

We prioritize people over profits

From the construction workers who put their heart and soul into our school building construction projects, to each and every individual that comes in contact with our construction site during or after its completion, their safety is our priority and we make sure that we don’t leave it to ‘chances’. Delivering great construction quality and appointing project safety managers to maintain the highest standards of safety & security are what help us stay true to our commitment. 


#Redefining Residential Construction

We don't dump you as soon as the project gets completed

At Dhinwa Construction & Engineering, we hate to be in partnerships that end as soon as there are no monetary exchanges left. That’s why, we make sure that our clients don’t have to go through that feeling of disgust. When we work on your school building construction, you get post-construction support like nowhere else. We are just a call away from any construction-related problems. 


#School Building Construction Costs

Planning to build a school? here's how much is it going to cost

Not every school is of same size, right? That is why, each school building has its costs depending on the land area and the requirements of the owner. These two factors greatly influence the construction cost of school building in India. However, we would suggest you not to worry about the pricing as more than money, we put more value into building healthy long-term relationships with our clients and thus, when you come to us, you will get the best school building construction prices in the market. 


We are at the top of construction industry because of our valuable clients

If it wasn’t for our clients, we would never be able to reach where we are today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been in the construction industry for a decent amount of time and during this time, we have worked on some exceptional residential and commercial projects. Our hands-on experience, timely delivery, completely transparent process, ideal rates, etc. are some of the key features that distinguish us from our competitors.

As a top-tier construction contractor in Jaipur, we specialize in the construction of residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, factories, etc.  Have a look at the projects we have worked on.

Currently, we provide our construction services in and around Jaipur. 

Any piece of land that is greater than 1,00,000 Sq. Ft. is eligible for our construction services.

We have an in-house team of highly skilled professionals with proven industrial experience and that is why when we agree to work on your project, we make sure it is delivered on time with no compromise in quality.

Yes, we prefer to do business legally and have a team of experts to take care of all legal obligations as a company.

We will regularly communicate the project status to you with full transparency so that you have a clear idea of all the project deadlines and the status of completion.

The timeline depends on the project’s size and complexity. However, we can provide a realistic timeframe after a detailed consultation.